HIV Specialists

You Deserve the Best

Your HIV Team at Quality Drug Clinical Care are key members and participants in your Healthcare Team. Our HIV sensitive staff provides you with comprehensive pharmacy care that is incorporated into our unique Circle of Care program. You have access to our state of the art adherence program to ensure you are always on track with your medications and your health. Pharmacist consultations and comprehensive Medication Therapy Management (MTM) are part of your care and is provided to you by our HIV pharmacists. Your One on one consultations include extensive medication reviews and drug interactions that include all of your prescription medications, over the counter drugs and vitamins and supplements; side effect management; education and adherence plans all tailored to YOUR specific needs. We believe in a holistic approach to your care and offer an array of wellness programs.


We are the Benefits Experts and will help you navigate the insurance maze and solve any benefit problems that you may encounter. Our goal is that you NEVER go without your medications. We will ensure that you pay the lowest amount possible or even $0 when possible for your co-pays by utilizing our network of patient assistance programs and foundations. We are an integral part of and support all local AIDS service organizations.


Circle of Care

The Quality Drug Circle of Care is a comprehensive program focusing on YOU to ensure that you have access to your medications, and can have an improved quality of life. By having access to all services and referrals within the community that you need will help you stay adherent with your medications and live as healthy a life as possible. You Deserve It.


  1.  The pharmacy staff must be knowledgeable about addiction and substance abuse.
  2.  The pharmacy staff should advocate on behalf of the recovery center and their clients.

  3.  The pharmacy must always have your medication in stock.

  4.  Compliance and adherence packaging to assure the right drug, the right dose at the right time.

  5.  Avoid pharmacies offering kickbacks! This is an ILLEGAL practice!

  6.  Complimentary delivery and/or mail order.

  7.  Expert pharmacist consultation.

  8.  Confidentiality MUST be paramount and HIPPA laws followed.

  9.  YOU can switch pharmacies WHENEVER YOU choose: Remember, IT’S YOUR RIGHT!

  10.  Is your specialty pharmacy part of the community and do they support the community?


10 Steps To Choosing The Right Specialty Pharmacy

HIV Prevention


Our commitment to the community is to be active in the HIV Continuum of Care and help reduce the number of HIV infections in the United States, specifically in our Orange County and Southern California region. We have a comprehensive PrEP program where we work closely with community testing sites and physician referrals.


Our expert HIV Pharmacists ensure that PreP recipients continue to fit within the PrEP guidelines and are enrolled in our adherence and medication therapy management (MTM) program. We make sure that individuals qualified for PrEP have access to Truvada, by working with insurance companies and patient assist programs.


AB 1743

California Assembly Bill AB1743 which is “Nonprescription syringe sale in pharmacies (NPSS) went into effect on January 1, 2015. This new law removes prior limits on the number of needles and syringes that can be purchased without a prescription.


Pharmacies may sell an unlimited number of syringes for disease prevention purposes to adults, and adults may possess an unlimited number of syringes for personal use. The possession of clean syringes has demonstrated effective HIV prevention with no evidence of negative effects such as increased syringe litter, drug use or crime. Quality Drug Clinical Care and our sister pharmacies, Via Lido Drug and Coast Hills Pharmacy are committed to HIV and disease prevention and we are committed to AB 1743 and sell syringes under the law.