These medications are prescribed by a physician, veterinarian, or prescribing practitioner and compounded by our state-licensed pharmacist.

HIV Specialists

Our HIV sensitive staff provides you with comprehensive pharmacy care that is incorporated into our unique Circle of Care program. 

Rehab & Recovery

We are committed to providing the most comprehensive care possible to all Detox & Rehab Centers and their clients throughout Southern California.


Vaccines are one of the most important ways to protect yourself and others from serious diseases & infections.

Rx Refills

You can view and refill your prescriptions in the comfort of your home or office and have it ready at your convenience.


Med Sync

Med Sync has multiple benefits that make the pharmacy experience easier for patients and their family members or caregivers.


We will operate our stores so you will enjoy a shopping experience that consistently exceeds your expectations. We are local-market focused stores positioned to give our  discriminating shoppers a clear alternative to chain drug stores. We are uncompromisingly committed to retailing excellence everyday, in every way, in every department and with every service.

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