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Meeting the Needs of Patients Requiring Addiction Management Medications

Quality Drug Clinical Care is Southern California’s #1 pharmacy dedicated to meeting the unique needs of patients requiring addiction management medications.

Our pharmacy staff has over 10 years of serving Detox and Rehabilitation facilities throughout southern CA. The pharmacies main responsibilities is partnering with local Detox and Rehabilitation facilities in helping to provide the pharmaceutical services needed to meet the medical needs of patients during detoxification and their continual rehabilitation.

Opiod and Alcohol dependency is a far reaching problem that affects the health, social and economic welfare in society—costing Billions of dollars in the United States each year. Quality Drug Clinical Care upon the request of the facility’s, provides medications to help addicted individuals stop compulsive drug seeking and use.

Managing addictions can be a complex, long term treatment regimen, so the team at Quality Drug Clinical Care collaborates with doctors and patients to make sure each individual receives the most effective addiction management treatment based on their condition. We help facilities in working with the insurance companies to get the authorizations needed to ensure the drugs are covered by their benefits plan.

“Quality Drug Clinical Care takes pride in offering Customer Service, Education and Delivery unmatched by any other independent or chain store pharmacy.”

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